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Local Phuket

Since launching in March, 2008, 91.5FM Phuket FM Radio has quickly established itself as the leading English language station in Phuket and surrounding areas, and is the station that “everyone is listening to”.

With a clear strategy and plan of what it is to be a radio station, 91.5FM has become a permanent fixture in the daily lives of local Thai residents, the Phuket expat community and tourists visiting this piece of paradise on the west coast of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Why choose 91.5FM?

As a station, 91.5FM delivers top quality English language programs seven days a week, providing stimulating and interesting content, and combining it with a music policy that is broad and far reaching. “Something for everyone”.

The mainstays of 91.5FM are the Monday to Friday daily format consisting of a Breakfast Show from 8am until midday and the Afternoon Show following immediately afterwards until 4pm, with a further show Drive Time show planned to run through to 7pm.

All shows feature numerous opportunities for the listeners to interact with the DJs in a variety of ways.

Listeners tune in on the 91.5 FM frequency, or via Phuket FM Radio’s website and utilise it’s state of the art online streaming or catch us on the TV at their resort. All listeners can contact the presenters to request their favourite songs at any time during LIVE show in three different ways.

1). the song request function at the station website

2). The 91.5FM show hosts are contactable via SMS through the studio phone on 0890004040,

3). via the 91.5FM facebook page or through the newest feature,

The song request function is unique in Phuket and possibly Thailand sending your request and message straight to the DJ’s computer screen in the studio and usually within minutes, your song will be on the airwaves across Phuket and around the world.

Listen to Phuket and Phuket FM Radio has everything a potential visitor needs to discover what is going on in the tropical paradise of Phuket Thailand RIGHT NOW!!!

So why stop at just song requests? If you know someone celebrating a birthday, anniversary or special occasion, why not let them know that you are thinking of them on their special day with a dedication read out by the presenters, let your friends and family know back home your having a great time, they won’t be jealous I promise.

For fun, the presenters have a number of features within their shows – anagram of the day, question of the week, poll of the day and ‘who am I’ to name but a few – all fun features for you to join in with each and every day.

Everyone likes to be given the chance to win great prizes, and at 91.5FM there is a definite focus on rewarding our listeners by giving them the opportunity to win big. Weekend catamaran cruises, gourmet meals at top class restaurants and concert tickets are just some of the prizes that have been given away in the first half of 2010, “you’ve got to be in it to win it” the presenters say.

One of 91.5FM’s great strengths is having the ability to reach as wide an audience as possible through the music played on the daily shows, but the success of the station is also built on being in the position to deliver specialised music and radio content every evening presented by DJs with their own unique personality.

To back up the great weekday prime time shows, 91.5FM also presents a evening format from 7:30 consisting of

1). the Old Record Club on a Monday evening, playing the best ‘golden
oldies’ to sing along to; 2). a Latin Fever format on Tuesday’s

3). Miss X’s Xtraordinary Rock Show on a Wednesday,

4). an Indie Show on a Thursday night

5). and on Friday a DJ mix , playing a mix of house and electro.

Along with latest weather forecast’s every half hour 91.5FM has everything you need to know about when you arrive or about to travel.

Of course Listening To Phuket has something for everyone throughout the weekend and on Saturdays the focus changes to sport. From 9am with ‘special’ guests and sports knowledge content, 91.5 FM delivers hours of sports chat, music and fun with the Saturday Sports Show.

The sports theme continues from 9pm when 91.5FM joins the BBC World Service LIVE for Sports World, bringing live commentary of global sporting events through your radio or online.

Sundays on Phuket Island are all about families and unwinding and the team at 91.5FM understands the importance of Thai culture and the need to relax. Disc-traction relives the music of yesteryear from 10am and at 1pm, the Sunday Chill Out show begins bringing you some of the greatest and the best chilled out music in Phuket.

The weekend is rounded off by Sunday Sundae, 91.5FM’s The Thai language show from 5pm until late hosted by our very own Khun Tue, our only Thai language show here on 91.5FM and playing the latest in Thai chart music and Thai rock.

This line up of focused shows along with hourly news from or partners in London The BBC World News service, quality local community content and an active “What’s on and Events Calendar” inter-active listener participation, competitions, traffic reports and station strategy and commitment to support and help the Phuket community with their charity and fund raising efforts means 91.5FM is here to stay and will continue to evolve as “THE Station that EVERYONE is listening too!!!”.